New-fast generation

athletes running on track and field oval in grayscale photography
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We are people demanding fair rights. We want to achieve our goals, and immediately. There is no time for jokes and pauses. This is like a marathon, and sometimes there is no place for deep thoughts.

I could say a lot of things about this new-fast generation. I could write first about the positive side, which is, of course, this remarkable spirit of doing whatever you want and to make true all kind of crazy dreams no matter, no cost. People are doing things and want to act. They expect to leave a footprint in this complicated but wonderful world.

«Action» is a good word that this generation knows very well. But wait a moment…this may be also a misunderstood It is OK if we are competitive people and we are achieving all kind of objectives in life. What is wrong is the way we want to do it. People need to learn about the process. Everything requires a process, a step by step. A good way of catching knowledge is experimenting with the process.

So, add please a word in the vocabulary of the new-fast generation: patience.
I truly believe people are changing the world with increasing demands that in the past were silenced and even censored. I clap my hands to all these women who are struggling against the gender violence; to all indigenous people who are also demanding for more cultural and territorial recognition, and to everyone who is able to act.



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